Posted in Thoughts by drsivalaw on September 17, 2008

What is it that makes us civilized? Is it the way we dress, good manners, our aesthetics or things like that? Or is it our profound respect for others. We always talk about respect as being an important part of our own self esteem. So why are we less circumspect when it comes to others. Why do our views and values take precedence over those of other people? Is it arrogance that makes us think that somehow our position in any given matter is better. Does that fact that many people agree with our views make our views any better compared to a view that has little or no popular support? This is what I am thinking about these days. I have been accused by many of being arrogant. I think it is because I always think my views are superior. But is it arrogance to believe in ones own position on any subject, to be steadfast in defending it and to be generally happy with that?

I return to the question – What is it to be civilised? I think a civilised human being is one who accepts that nothing about his existence is permanent. Empire builders are not civilised. They have no concept about the meaning of their existence. We meet empire builders of every description daily. They are the politicians who cannot quit power and overstay their welcome – building material wealth for themselves, their children, their grandchildren and so forth for posterity until the end of time. They are the corporate giants, who don’t realise that in the entire scheme of things their contribution will be measured by different benchmarks. They are all the people who yearn for and seek dominion and control over the lives of others – seeking to imprint (by compulsion if necessary) a part of their values and ideas. To shape the destiny of others, failing to realise how little control they have on their own destinies. Whether you are a pauper or a billionaire your impact on your own life is determined by your own mortality and the lessons you are willing to learn during your tenure on Earth.

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  1. kryshana said, on November 8, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    fantastic piece daddy: ) very much enjoyed!

  2. VJ said, on January 13, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    It’s amazing how people so quickly forget their past to now attract pity from others for their plight! What goes around comes around without fail. Empire builders who stepped on others to reach the top will one day watch their empire crush right before their eyes. Arrogance = Pride that comes before the fall!! People who abuse the trust of others deserve what is coming their way.

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